What's next?
Digital Buildings!

Design, planning and construction of Digital Buildings.

A disruption.

What do we think and are we convinced about?

One of the ‚what’s next‘ questions will be answered by digital buildings. It will become a mega trend inside of digitalization. And it will be a disruption to today‘s real estate industry within the next 10 years all over the world - and change it forever. Are you ready?

What is a digital building?

Our definition type 0 - a physical digital building

A digital building is a real life building with functionality and equipment ready for digital life and digital workplaces

  • fiber optics
  • smart buildings
  • smart metering
  • smart contracts
  • app ready
  • ready for sharing economy
  • PROPtec / FINtec connectable
  • ...

info graph for digital building defintion type 0

Our definition type 1 - a virtual digital building

A digital building is a virtual building of the real life building as its digital twin and will be accessible via standard Internet technologies for all purposes of the usage and operations

  • virtual and visual
  • real-time data
  • real-time processes
  • accessible via digital building OS
  • user restricted
  • digital building search engine
  • open database and open interfaces standards
  • ...

info graph for digital building defintion type 1

The digital building model (DBM)
and building OS: LEITROS

The model and OS will be available via standard browsers and standard hardware.

Our conceptional approach

in the 3D picture frame below: click, hold and move the mouse to twist the LEITROS pyramid

click for larger model in new tab

Our team.

Direct and instant communication. 100% digitalized work. Open mindsets and the clear vision that sharing of resources is better than proprietary environments. The small start up team strives for innovation and modern globalized aspects. We develop our digital building model (DBM) and the building OS named LEITROS.
















Our partners.

We have contributors, investors and partners who believe in what we do. Become a part of digital buildings and be ready for the world of facilities of tomorrow. Just send a short request. anne@digitalbuildings.com

CADsys Digital Building RUSSIA E.ON Heuking HPBS MAS M2P Methocon spaceAgent Spectrum

Our board.

A highly qualified advisory board with plenty of experience in all aspects of our digital building model (DBM) and building OS LEITROS keeps us up to date and reflects innovations of surrounding industries. The members of the board became good friends and help us to become a leading company.

Claudius Schweickert

senior project executive
and former airport executive

Daniel Weber

electrical engineer
and smart building expert

Jan Forbriger

financial expert and
managing partner of a food producer

Ralf Schubert

hardware programmer and
leading system engineer of a building technology manufacturer